A nice summarisation of all security practices one should follow.

Taking it further, i would recommend everyone to stop keeping a backup of Private keys on Emails as anything online is NOT SAFE.

Keep it hard coded with a bunch of random words in a physical storage where only u should have the access to.

If possible break down your private keys in 3 or 4 sets and keep them separately. Use Hardware wallets like Ledger (My Recommendation) or Trezor. …

Well it took a cocktail of one man (Satoshi Nakamoto) + only 1 Decade of time to push the world, centuries ahead in the future. Lets welcome the new drink in town “Blockchain”.

From payments, finances, logistics to healthcare, data privacy, gaming or P2P, you name it and there is something or the other in store for blockchain to change how the current process used to work. Now a common man also have a say when it comes to building corporates, after a very long time the community have a voice due to its decentralized nature. …

As we close the Qtr 1 for 2021, let us take the opportunity to share all things good that happened and how we are transiting into the next phase to develop WhitePigeon Network.

The year started with the launching of the much-awaited website for the project, which can now be accessed at https://WhitePigeon.Network where we described our plans to develop a pure decentralized Financial (DeFi) system to cater to the needs of P2P (Peer to Peer ) payment mechanism for consumers and merchants.

As of now, Merchants have to pay heavy settlement fees to the banks for the sales they…

Hi all, welcome to the White Pigeon Network, Bounty program.

The event starts date: 11th March 2021, and will last till 10th May,

Above is a table format for easy understanding of the flow for Bounty pool Ring.

Initially, people will be put in a pool and will be allocated points, which will be converted into tokens at the final stage calculation.

Link to submit bounty: https://forms.gle/Shv5bhciCYN9ioZx5

For more info —

Telegram: t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial

Website: https://Whitepigeon.Network

Twitter: twitter.com/WhiitePiigeon

Medium: whitepigeon.medium.com

Welcome to the WhitePigeon Network Reward program

Please make sure that you have whitelisted your profile first before moving ahead to get WhitePigeon tokens as bonus rewards.

A successful contribution in the WhitePigeon private sale pool makes you eligible to get hold of a referral code that u can share further with your friends, every successful contribution with your referral code gets you 500 WP tokens ($10), there is NO capping on how many referrals you can bring in, but there is a minimum contribution 250 USDT expected from your referrals to get you the bonus tokens.

All tokens remain…

Each & every one of us, somewhere or the other have a talented soul hidden inside us.

One of the major problems that we have seen in the last decade is the availability of Blockchain-related talented souls. You need a smart contract written, or a website designed or a Logo designed, u end up hunting different websites, which turns out to be actually an Agency that has already hired Blockchain talent and earning in $$, away from the thoughts that these talented souls only get a small drop from the vast ocean of funds available.

Let's break this code, WhitePigeon…

Blockchain increases trust between groups in a business network, allowing participants to work together without additional guarantees. Businesses that operate within the same form tend to trust each other because they are grouped together for the same purpose to help the project succeed.

From a consumer perspective, blockchain technology has the potential to drastically change consumer relationships by improving data and information publicly and improving privacy and security. That is where we come to the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) platform.

Whatever one would like to believe or say, but the truth is, that when it comes to Fiat currency- It's not people’s…

February 12th White Pigeon held an Ask Me Anything session at ICO Speaks telegram chat. From the White Pigeon Network side, there was Abhilasha Singh, CEO of White Pigeon Network

Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background?

Hi Everyone, Nice to meet you at ICO SPEAKS! I am Abhilasha, born in India and currently undertaking Blockchain projects in Singapore.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of White Pigeon Network, We are a BlockChain development firm, and undertakes core stage developments of Blockchain Projects.

LGCY Network is one of our BlockChain development, for which we will be launching the TestNet later next Month, Followed by MainNet.

______________ Let’s…

Blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR) are rapidly evolving technologies which largely captured the attention of industry, academia and, lately, also end-users. Considering the widely accepted definition, a Blockchain is a distributed ledger, that can be used to handle digital transactions, i.e., peer-to-peer messages exchanged among nodes, over a decentralized network.

In order to add a new transaction to the Blockchain, all the nodes belonging to the network must verify it by using a majority consensus mechanism that can be implemented in different ways. This mechanism integrated in White Pigeon Network allows a given process or service to remove the need…

It’s projected that there will be more than 6.8 billion individuals using a mobile phone by the end of 2021. A recent report noted that 69 percent of all mobile users in the U.S. had made a mobile payment in 2020. This is up from 14 percent in 2014 and estimations will in the 80 percent range by 2021.

Because of this enormous growth — and potential growth that mobile devices present — we can expect to see the mobile payments industry and startups in the space evolve to meet the growing demands of users.

To understand how big this…

White Pigeon

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