We come to yet another completion of a successful month.

Committing to our Roadmap, here comes the very first of many Exchange listings. We present Tokpie.

Why we chose Tokpie?

Tokpie is a crypto exchange that launched in 2018. The platform is based in Hong Kong. The first platform offering…

With the rapidly-changing payments industry, it is important to keep up with the newest available technology. Customers today expect a level of convenience in their transactions that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Enhancing a payment process doesn’t have to be a huge task. In fact, modernizing…

One more month of working hard by the WhitePigeon Network team, we present to you our progress report for May 2021.

Public Sale Round (On Community Demand):

Taking pride in listening to our community and ensuring that we deliver on our promises, we organized a public sale for 5 days…

As we close the Qtr 1 for 2021, let us take the opportunity to share all things good that happened and how we are transiting into the next phase to develop WhitePigeon Network.

The year started with the launching of the much-awaited website for the project, which can now be…

Hi all, welcome to the White Pigeon Network, Bounty program.

The event starts date: 11th March 2021, and will last till 10th May,

Above is a table format for easy understanding of the flow for Bounty pool Ring.

Initially, people will be put in a pool and will be allocated points, which will be converted into tokens at the final stage calculation.

Link to submit bounty: https://forms.gle/Shv5bhciCYN9ioZx5

For more info —

Telegram: t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial

Website: https://Whitepigeon.Network

Twitter: twitter.com/WhiitePiigeon

Medium: whitepigeon.medium.com

White Pigeon

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