Announcing WhitePigeon Staking with Ferrum Network

Crossing the first milestone in our visioned roadmap, launching WhitePigeon Network (WP) tokens staking opportunity in collaboration with Ferrum Network. This is an opportunity for WP token holders to stake their WP assets to gain a fabulous APY% on their staking.

Staking Details:

Staking Start Date: 29th May 2021

Staking Start time: 10:00 UTC

Staking End Date: 12th June 2021

Staking Duration: 02 Weeks

Number of Staking Pools: 03

Maximum APY%: 100%

Gold Staking: This Staking pool has a cap of 30Million WP Tokens and comes with a maturity date of 121 Days, the APY is 25% for the same.

Platinum Staking: Platinum Staking pool comes with a max cap of 50Million WP Tokens in total and withdrawal after 180 days, the APY for this pool is 50%.

Solitaire Staking: This staking pool is the most exciting one which puts a cap at 100Million WP Tokens, with a maturity date of 365 days, it comes with an APY of 100%

All the pools have Web3, and WP tokens can be staked via Metamask or Trust Wallet dApp browser.

ow To Stake

Token holders need to visit the official website https://WhitePigeon.Network and click on the Staking button. It takes you to the staking page, where you can select a staking pool based on your preferred APY%.

Kindly Note: There is no prematurity date, and the WP tokens need to stay in the staking pool till the final withdrawal date as per the selected staking pool.

For more information, kindly reach out to us via the below-mentioned channels.


Web: https://WhitePigeon.Network