Evolution of White Pigeon Network

WhitePigeon Network - A Peer-to-Peer payment network being developed to solve consumers and merchants issues on a global scale.

Abhilasha Singh (Founder and CEO of WhitePigeon Network), the brain behind the revolutionary idea to make this ecosystem a decentralized one, where there will be no central authority controlling the whole system and reducing an individual’s purchasing power.

Ideology: The CEO thinks that if it's your own money, then you should have 100% right over it. It should be an individual decision where to spend, how to spend, and how much to spend. Today it is far easier to set up a cryptocurrency wallet than opening a bank account. With close to a decade of experience in Fintech solutions and blockchain, Abhilasha brings with her vast knowledge how the current financial system is broken and how blockchain can be a solution to fix it. It is really frustrating to see how people are restricted from trading commodities with one another. Local laws define where a merchant can provide their services in terms of geographical area, and laws define how many sales they can make and capping to pay more taxes if it is surpassed. Similarly, local laws also define where a customer can make purchases and how much he can spend in a day.

Solutions: A vision to create an ecosystem of free will for both consumers and merchants without cross-border restrictions and with whom they are dealing. Free from the restriction of where a consumer or a merchant is based at. A system that will be decentralized in nature, which will be free from any downtime as nodes running the blockchain will be located globally, with no skyrocket fees and no network congestion, which ideally leads to failed transactions. A structured ecosystem that will allow all to process transactions in a fraction of a cent or maybe less than that will not have a limitation of only 2 precisions against what all FIAT currencies currently have.

Project Details: WhitePigeon Network is visioned to work as a Peer-to-Peer or P2P system enabling anyone around the globe to buy or sell commodities or services and pay in a decentralized manner. With over 1000 Nodes (Proposed) to handle the transaction bandwidth to the network will bring more value to the cryptocurrency space. Currently, WhitePigeon (WP) is an ERC20 token available for consumers or merchants to hold as a Store of Assets. An individual can head to the telegram group at https://t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial for any allocation if desired. The project has a great future as it's an actual utility to disrupt the market.

For information about WhitePigeon Network, follow:

Web: https://whitepigeon.Network

Telegram: https://t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/WhiitePiigeon

Medium: https://Whitepigeon.medium.com

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