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    LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. https://lgcy.network

  • Mark Stein

    Mark Stein

    Evolve — Business Development and Strategy Advisor @ Symbiosis, Mizar AI

  • Ross Jones

    Ross Jones

    Leading Web3 Growth Strategies and Systems

  • Joe Cox

    Joe Cox

    Gladly pawn my astrophysics degree for more biscuits.

  • Nicholas Morgan

    Nicholas Morgan

    I write about features of Swift, iOS development practices, and sometimes Flutter. www. nicholasmorgan34.com

  • Sebastian Griffin

    Sebastian Griffin

    I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth c

  • Leo Bull

    Leo Bull

    Writing about movies, women, and culture.

  • Jacob Sullivan

    Jacob Sullivan

    Bioengineer, PhD, Martial artist, Writer, and Stoic. — Aim to apply mental models and first principles to everyday life.

  • Morgan Bray

    Morgan Bray

    Helping others become better at what they do. @morganbray23

  • Harry Woodward

    Harry Woodward

    Publish on Medium any longer. You can find my latest writings

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