Impersonator Detected: Stay vigilant with WhitePigeon Network

It’s that moment in your project when you see someone going that extra mile to impersonate yourself or your project, and with Cryptocurrency project it can be that thin thread by which your investors might be hanging. Recently we got to know that a fake WhitePigeon token was created on Binance Chain.

🚫 Fake Token 🚫

The impersonator went to the next level to even create a Telegram group which is a look alike of our Original Telegram Group and use an impersonators account to look alike our Original CTO.

🚫 Fake Group & Fake CTO 🚫

We would like to inform our Community and investors to stay vigilant against such scams and never trust anyone who DM’s you first. always verify the identity of the project owners, below are the real project members:

CEO & CTO: Vinod Kumar (

WhitePigeon (WP) tokens are only available on Ethereum blockchain as its an ERC20 token, and the real contract to the real token is as below:

Join us in our Journey in making decentralized P2P transactions a reality with WhitePigeon as a real utility token. we are happy to announce that we have grown to 3.5k+ members strong community in these few months and determined to keep on achieving many milestones ahead.

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