Journey Ahead — WhitePigeon Network

We come to yet another completion of a successful month.

Committing to our Roadmap, here comes the very first of many Exchange listings. We present Tokpie.

Why we chose Tokpie?

Tokpie is a crypto exchange that launched in 2018. The platform is based in Hong Kong. The first platform offering bounty stakes trading. With the vision of organic growth, we filtered out Tokpie, an engaging community of traders that will help WhitePigeon pick up traction. We have decided to keep the trading pair for WP tokens as WP/USDT and not ETH due to the downward trend of the current market. The price should rise slow and steadily and should remain in favor of the investor.

As WhitePigeon Network aims to bring a Decentralized payment protocol where consumers and Merchants can come together to trade without interference of an intermediary, USDT was our best choice as a trading pair as it helps in analyzing the real value of WP token against the US Dollar, which is one of the universally accepted trade currency.

This Exchange listing is the first of many more to come on our journey to success.

How to Trade?

Tokpie is a centralized trading exchange that requires creating an account to log in to perform trades. The Fees are as follows:

Makers: 0.10%

Takers: 0.10%

Tokpie Exchange URL:

The Exchange listing will also allow users to purchase WP tokens with MasterCard, Visa, and Apple Pay. This will drive more purchasing options to a user.

hat Next?

We at WhitePigeon Network are always thankful to our community who has always backed us. As we move ahead to more developments, we will continue to share reports like these every month to let our community know about our progress.

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Email: admin@WhitePigeon.Network