TARGET 300+ Million Consumers on White Pigeon Network with DeFi

Blockchain increases trust between groups in a business network, allowing participants to work together without additional guarantees. Businesses that operate within the same form tend to trust each other because they are grouped together for the same purpose to help the project succeed.

From a consumer perspective, blockchain technology has the potential to drastically change consumer relationships by improving data and information publicly and improving privacy and security. That is where we come to the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) platform.

Whatever one would like to believe or say, but the truth is, that when it comes to Fiat currency- It's not people’s money, It is the Government, the Banks, the corporates that run this show. Heavy taxes, skyrocketing duties, and spine-breaking settlement fees for merchants, which eventually put the burden on the consumer.

White Pigeon proposes to bring the P2P mechanism of buying and selling goods and settling the payments between Consumers & Merchants only without any intermediary force. With Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the consumer and the merchants will be able to hold their funds in the form of WP Tokens which will be directly attached to a liquidity pool, for further conversion if they want. With a staking program, Both consumers and the merchants will be able to accumulate extra assets, which will simplify their capacity of paying for transaction fees.




Bridging the gap between consumers and merchants with the help of blockchain technology.

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WhitePigeon Network

WhitePigeon Network

Bridging the gap between consumers and merchants with the help of blockchain technology.

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