White Pigeon Network — Reward Program

Welcome to the WhitePigeon Network Reward program

Please make sure that you have whitelisted your profile first before moving ahead to get WhitePigeon tokens as bonus rewards.

A successful contribution in the WhitePigeon private sale pool makes you eligible to get hold of a referral code that u can share further with your friends, every successful contribution with your referral code gets you 500 WP tokens ($10), there is NO capping on how many referrals you can bring in, but there is a minimum contribution 250 USDT expected from your referrals to get you the bonus tokens.

All tokens remain locked up till April 2021 and will get released in their respective ERC20 compliant wallets in the month of May 2021. Till this time the project will already be listed on Exchange to give you the opportunity to trade your WP tokens.

“It's always good to have friends around”, Enjoy bringing everyone on board.

How to WhiteList? ➡️ Go to https://WhitePigeon.Network click Join Us and fill the whitelisting form with due care, our team will evaluate your profile based on the information provided, If Whitelisted — You will have a confirmation Email straight in your Inbox.

For more information:

Web: https://WhitePigeon.Network

Telegram: https://t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial

Medium: https://Whitepigeon.medium.com