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Reimagine Work-From-Home

Who would not like to be his/her own boss at least once in their life? Most freelancers want to work wherever they want and get paid for it. With space-based payment systems, self-employed people can enjoy more freedom and flexibility in their work.

It’s not just freelancers who prefer crypto over fiat money. Lovers of Blockchain are also looking for ways to upgrade their crypto holdings. Some do prefer to convert their savings into digital assets, while others prefer crypto-paying jobs. This is where blockchain-powered job search platforms come in as one of the real use-case.

Introduction to the platform:

With the emergence of new blockchains and blockchain based projects, there is a growing need for staff in specific fields such as systems, digital marketing, designing and public administration. For example, when a new blockchain or a project is developing it will go through a development phase. At this stage, areas like marketing, community management are critical to the success of the project.Through the WhitePigeon Network marketplace, project founders can hire freelancers and can also see their portfolios in advance to take a calculative decision.

WhitePigeon Network can greatly improve working conditions and have the potential to increase the amount of money a freelancer can earn. This will be done by introducing low commission cost , creating new jobs and creating sources of revenue that are not available in traditional jobs. For every crypto enthusiast, receiving their well-deserved pay in crypto is a big plus.

What WhitePigeon Network has to offer?

Crypto is an inexpensive way to send money anywhere in the world. The legacy financial system charges high rates and sets poor exchange rates that make low payment inefficient. Many private individuals do not have access to a bank account, or they are charged a huge exchange rate fee, crypto payments will allow anyone to access the gig economy. Payments can be seen on the blockchain as soon as they are made, and are usually fully verified within a few seconds, thanks WhitePigeon Network for choosing Polygon as their foundation for building the marketplace to provide such services.

Conclusion: WhitePigeon Network has a vast team of developers which will make sure we are always ahead of our schedule roadmaps. Kindly follow the below-mentioned links to access any information.

Telegram: t.me/Whitepigeonofficial

Medium: WhitePigeon.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whiitepiigeon

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