WhitePigeon Network- Paypal for Crypto

Let us take this opportunity to share all things good that happened and how we are transiting into the next phase to develop WhitePigeon Network.

The year started with the launching of the much-awaited website for the project, which can now be accessed at https://WhitePigeon.Network where we described our plans to develop a pure decentralized Financial (DeFi) system to cater to the needs of P2P (Peer to Peer ) payment mechanism for consumers and merchants.

As of now, Merchants have to pay heavy settlement fees to the banks for the sales they make and payments they receive from the consumers. At the same time, consumers actually don’t have any way to spend their cryptocurrencies and they end up holding it in their wallets, making it act more as an asset than a means of utility. WhitePigeon Network visions of a future where it will bridge this gap and will allow the consumers to pay for their purchases directly with the WP tokens and the same will through a liquidity pool allowing Merchants to convert them into their preferred cryptocurrencies.

In our journey to make it a reality, we are partnering with industry leaders to provide digital products that we can integrate with our Phase One of the Marketplace development, these digital products range from Gift cards to subscription cards from Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Event tickets, for which the consumers can pay with WhitePigeon tokens and the same can be converted into a desired crypto from the Liquidity pool which will be maintained by the WhitePigeon Network to support the Merchants. We also invite freelancers in the fields of Blockchain who want to provide services but are unable to showcase their talent or find suitable clients for their services. With our Marketplace freelancers would able to list their services like but not limited to — Logo designing, Website designing, writing Smart contracts in solidity, and much more. More information can be accessed HERE. We are designing a platform that is more than just “buy-and-sell of goods and services”. We will be supporting Merchants in various ways ranging from spotlights to token grants, to help them cross the huddle of being out of recognition.

WP Switch App

This is our next MVP product under development which will be launched on both Android and iOS platforms and will carry functionalities of wallet creations to hold crypto, send and receive added with inbuild marketplace to buy or sell goods and services.

WP Smart Fit Tracker

Later this year WhitePigeon Network will be rolling out beta versions of Smart health bands that will reward its users for keeping themselves healthy and fit. You will be able to set your goals like walking a mile, and once the goal is achieved, the wallet will be credit with WP tokens, all activities will be monitored with an inbuilt GPS. We believe staying healthy should be more of a responsibility rather than a choice.

Web Interface

White Pigeon network will also have a web interface for people who finds it hard to scroll through the online marketplace on a Mobile Phone, for them we would like to roll out a smooth Web Interface to look at the marketplace from a different viewpoint.

Vision of the Future


Conclusion: WhitePigeon has a vast team of developers which will make sure we are always ahead of our schedule roadmaps. Kindly follow the below-mentioned links to access any information.

Telegram: t.me/Whitepigeonofficial

Medium: WhitePigeon.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whiitepiigeon




Bridging the gap between consumers and merchants with the help of blockchain technology.

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WhitePigeon Network

WhitePigeon Network

Bridging the gap between consumers and merchants with the help of blockchain technology.

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