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WhitePigeon Network
2 min readNov 15, 2021


Bitcoin hits a new all-time high above $68,000. Ethereum, the second most popular crypto, had its own all-time high of above $4,800. The last time crypto saw an all-time high was in mid-april. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and the rapidly changing payment industry, we at WhitePigeon Network are bringing consumers and merchants together.

How WhitePigeon Network works

WhitePigeon Network is an online platform that aims to build healthy relations between the consumers and the merchants with the help of blockchain technology. More importantly, WhitePigeon helps merchants to attract customers in order for them to grow and gain success through their platform. With the help of Whitepigeon network, consumers can purchase digital gift cards of their favourite merchants and use them to buy their desired product from the merchant online/offline stores.

Payment solution with Whitepigeon Network

WhitePigeon Network is a peer-to-peer payment mechanism. WhitePigeon allows customers to pay directly with WP tokens and lets merchants convert those tokens into their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Future ahead

The WhitePigeon has released its test MVP which allows its holders to use WP cryptocurrency on polygon network. In 2022, the startup will launch WhitePigeon android and iOS apps and WP smart health bands. By 2023, the startup will build its own WP blockchain.





Test Our MVP at https://marketplace.whitepigeon.network and share feedbacks. We would love to hear about your experience and suggestions about the platform.



WhitePigeon Network

Bridging the gap between consumers and merchants with the help of blockchain technology.