WhitePigeon Progress Report (May 2021)

One more month of working hard by the WhitePigeon Network team, we present to you our progress report for May 2021.

Public Sale Round (On Community Demand):

Taking pride in listening to our community and ensuring that we deliver on our promises, we organized a public sale for 5 days to let our community people onboard with WP token sale. The sale started from 10th May and lasted till 14th May, with WP tokens sold at $0.05. we concluded the token sale and moved ahead with our journey with the WhitePigeon Network.

1st Partnership Announcement:

The WhitePigeon Network collaborated with Ferrum Network, one of the pioneers in the crypto space, providing token staking opportunities to crypto investors. With such a reputation — Ferrum Network was our first choice as a staking service provider.

The planning started with multiple rounds of discussions and planning. First, we want to thank Ian, Co-Founder of Ferrum Network, for bringing a fabulous team together to achieve our staking requirements for the WhitePigeon Network.

Staking Announcement-

We launched 3 staking pools as an opportunity for WhitePigeon community members to stake their WP tokens.

Staking Details:

Staking Start Date: 29th May 2021

Staking Start time: 10:00 UTC

Staking End Date: 12th June 2021

Staking Duration: 02 Weeks

Number of Staking Pools: 03

Maximum APY%: 100%

Gold Staking: This Staking pool has a cap of 30Million WP Tokens and comes with a maturity date of 121 Days. The APY is 25% for the same.

Platinum Staking: Platinum Staking pool comes with a max cap of 50Million WP Tokens in total and withdrawal after 180 days. The APY for this pool is 50%.

Solitaire Staking: This staking pool is the most exciting one, which puts a cap at 100Million WP Tokens, with a maturity date of 365 days. It comes with an APY of 100%

All the pools have Web3, and you can stake your WP tokens via Metamask or Trust Wallet dApp browser.

What is Next?

The team participates in regular discussions with the marketing teams and cherry-picks them to boost WhitePigeon Network’s media presence. In the coming days, there will be a lot of content available over the internet regarding the project, which will help us reach the targetted audience.

An effective marketing plan will allow us to penetrate the correct market. We want to onboard people who would like to use WP tokens as a utility for buying and selling commodities. We know that cryptocurrencies have limited access to the retail market when it comes to buying options and paying in cryptos. WhitePigeon Network visioned to change this process and plans to provide payment solutions.


We, as a team, are working to showcase to the world a logical use case of cryptocurrency. There are many announcements in store, which the team will be sharing in due course of time.

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