Your chance to become a Merchant

Each & every one of us, somewhere or the other have a talented soul hidden inside us.

One of the major problems that we have seen in the last decade is the availability of Blockchain-related talented souls. You need a smart contract written, or a website designed or a Logo designed, u end up hunting different websites, which turns out to be actually an Agency that has already hired Blockchain talent and earning in $$, away from the thoughts that these talented souls only get a small drop from the vast ocean of funds available.

Let's break this code, WhitePigeon Network would like to bridge this gap between a Talent and the Client. In the course of the next 3 years, WhitePigeon Network would like to extend its support to such Talented people who want to provide their services to the clients in a Decentralized way, without the interference of a third-party agency.

If you are one of those talented people out there, we will help you to set up your very own marketplace to sell your product or services. Now you don't need to spend $$ on building a fancy website and then take the pressure to market it as well to find prospective clients.

Today WhitePigeon Network is happy to announce that it will support 50+ Talents to build their Service/product catalog and connect with suitable clients who wish to buy their service/products in its next 03 years roadmap. Get yourself featured with the help of star ratings you get from your clients once you make the right and awesome delivery. If you are any of the following, then it's your time to scale forward:

  • Freelance Developer
  • Freelance Designer
  • NFT card developer/holder
  • BlockChain/Crypto Content writer

Taking its vision of making Decentralised P2P a frictionless experience, WhitePigeon Network will be extending its support to bring consumers and Merchants onboard in a truly amazing ecosystem.

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Web: https://WhitePigeon.Network

Email: admin@WhitePigeon.Network